HiFi Express Unveils: The Black Friday Spectacular on Loxjie

HiFi Express Unveils: The Black Friday Spectacular on Loxjie

🎶 HiFi Express Unveils: The Black Friday Spectacular on Loxjie - Unmatched Deals Just For You!

Elevate your listening experience with HiFi Express's Black Friday extravaganza, featuring the stellar Loxjie audio collection! From the 11th through the 29th of November 2023, we're offering unrivaled discounts ranging from 15% to an astonishing reduction on your favorite Loxjie products. It's time to upgrade your audio arsenal with these unbeatable deals!

🔊 Spotlight Offers:

  1. Loxjie A30 Multi-Function Amplifier Original Price: $169.99 | Now Just: $144.49 Meet the crowd favorite - Loxjie A30. This multifaceted amplifier not only delivers a robust performance with 2x80W under 4Ω but does so with an incredibly low distortion. Featuring the Infineon Merus MA12070 chip, it promises excellent efficiency and a high-quality sound experience. With a built-in USB DAC and multiple inputs, the A30 simplifies your setup without sacrificing performance.

  2. Loxjie D40 Pro Audio DAC & Headphone AMP - 2023 Model Original Price: $429.99 | Get It For: $386.99 Step into the future with the Loxjie D40 Pro. Offering state-of-the-art audio decoding with MQA-CD ES9039MSPRO, XMOS XU316, and support for DSD512, this DAC and headphone amplifier is designed to please even the most discerning audiophiles. With the latest Bluetooth technology and a variety of inputs, your high-resolution audio will be more accessible and immersive than ever.

  3. Loxjie D40 MQA Audio DAC Original Price: $419.99 | Massive Discount Price: $270 The Loxjie D40 is a testament to superior audio engineering, boasting the ES9068AS decoder chip that ensures a nearly distortion-free experience. Achieving high praise and third rank in the ASR Review Web, this DAC offers a stunning SNR of 128dB and an equal dynamic range. Certified for MQA and MQA-CD, the D40 ensures master-quality audio across all inputs, complemented by a cutting-edge headphone amp circuit for powerful output with minimal distortion.

Your Sound, Our Commitment - Only at HiFi Express This Black Friday, don't just listen to music—experience it with Loxjie's precision-engineered audio equipment, now available at prices that resonate with savings.

🛒 Mark Your Calendar: November 11th - 29th, 2023 US Time Shop online at HiFi Express and immerse yourself in the fidelity of Loxjie. Whether for your home, studio, or on-the-go, our Black Friday offers ensure your audio experience is always top-notch.

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