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SMSL DL100 CS43131*4 BT5.1 MQA-CD Audio DAC

SMSL DL100 CS43131*4 BT5.1 MQA-CD Audio DAC

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DL100 Audio DAC & Headphone Amplifier


  • Four-chip decoding for superior sound: Capable of directly sampling 32bit/768kHz PCM digital audio and supporting DSD256 native DSD playback without conversion.
  • Independent headphone amplification circuitry: Self-developed circuit for excellent performance, with output power increased by about 16 times at 300Ω.
  • 5 types of PCM filters: Acts on high-frequency signals after about 20kHz for better sound conversion.
  • USB Dual Mode 2.0/1.1: Switchable modes to support high sample rate audio files up to 768kHz/32bit or driver-free up to 96kHz/16bit.
  • Qualcomm Bluetooth chip: Supports LDAC, apt-X HD for improved wireless signal stability and transmission quality.


  • Chipset: 4x CS43131, 3x high-end dual op amp OPA1612a.
  • Output Power: 3.0W×2 @ 16Ω, 1.5W×2 @ 32Ω.
  • Supported Formats: PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD256.
  • Bluetooth: LDAC, apt-X HD.
  • Inputs: HDMI(ARC), USB Dual Mode 2.0/1.1, Optical, Coaxial.


  • Distortion: As low as 0.00009%.
  • SNR (Balanced Output): 132dB.
  • Dynamic Range: 132dB.


The DL100 features a robust design with high-quality relays and a non-impact sound design. The headphone amplifier circuit adopts self-developed technology, offering high power output and excellent audio quality. The inclusion of high-end components ensures minimal interference and optimal performance.


  • HDMI(ARC): Can be decoded for TV.
  • USB Dual Mode: Supports a variety of devices, including game consoles, TVs, Androids, and more.
  • Bluetooth: With an external antenna for improved signal stability and quality.


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