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SMSL VMV A1 High-Res Class-A Power Amplifier

SMSL VMV A1 High-Res Class-A Power Amplifier

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Product description

S.M.S.L has introduced the VMV A1, their latest power amplifier from the VMV premium-tier series. VMV A1 features a classical FET Class A amplifier circuit utilizing some of the best available chips in the market. It is equipped with premium components such as a high-precision volume chip, stabilized power supply circuit, high-quality Japanese audio sockets, and many more for a rich sound experience. The VMV A1 is made to power your high-tech speakers and bring them to life.



  • High quality gold-plated input and output terminals;
  • Perfect protection circuit for overheating, overcurrent, etc.
  • High quality power adapter specially designed for audio.


Product details

SMSL VMV A1 2 x 15W Class A High Resolution Stereo Amplifier with FET chip and Aluminium remote control


VMV A1 small delicate class A power amplifier is an ideal choice for spreading music. It can provide a very smooth sound quality, a round and warm tone, and a cold and ethereal treble. Class A power amplifier has the advantage of fullness and transparency, and it is to bias the square at half of the maximum output power, so that the power amplifier is in full load working state when there is no signal input. Due to this advantage, the power amplifier is turned on and has current output during the entire signal cycle. The Class A power amplifier makes the transistor always work in the linear region, so the Class A power amplifier has almost no distortion, and the quality of the hearing is particularly good, especially when the signal is small. The whole sound is transparent and rich in details.


VMV A1 offers a great FET Class A amplifier with a perfect design of optimal sound amplifier circuit. The working mode of the Class A power amplifier has the best linearity. Each output transistor amplifies the full wave of the signal, and there is no crossover distortion. Even if it's not negative feedback, its open loop distortion is still very low. 


Due to its CNC aluminum shell, temperature control is greatly improved to heat dissipation capacity. In addition, this housing has a nice appearance without compromising on performance or additions of cooling elements. A chassis temperature display is implemented so you can controller the temperature and sound quality.


Powerful driving force, proper magnification and precise volume control make A1 can match most of the desktop small bookshelf boxes and most of the earphones and earplugs on the market, and adjust (for specific gameplay, please scan the code and refer to the official account article) to satisfactory timbre.


What's in the box?

  • 1x SMSL A1
  • 1x Aluminium remote control
  • 1x Schuko power cable

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