About Us

It starts with our engineer who love the realistic musical expression of today and tomorrow. It extends to our manufacturers who obsess over materials and details. It culminates with the direct delivery to you, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. Our 6 design values guide everything we do.

hifiexpress about us

Hifi-express specialized in the audio product.The agent brands including: Sabaj. Loxjie, S.M.S.L VMV. As the best audio company, we supply 3 Brand high-quality products.



For 20 years now, we’ve pursued one simple goal: to engineer products that bring the Great hi-fi Sound into your home. We have over 50 R&D employees,together, we design and build products, solutions, and ecosystems.

hifiexpress audio studio

hifiexpress audip studio

hifiexpress audio studio


High-quality hi-fi sound

Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours in our China laboratory, poring over every detail of the way makes music until they were completely satisfied.




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