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SMSL DL200 AUDIO DAC & Headphone Amplifier MQA-CD ES9039Q2M

SMSL DL200 AUDIO DAC & Headphone Amplifier MQA-CD ES9039Q2M

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SMSL DL200 AUDIO DAC features MQA-CD ES9039Q2M, Bluetooth APTX HD, OPA1612 XU-316, and DSD512 compatibility, plus 6.35mm & 4.4mm headphone outputs and a handy remote control.


  • Support MQA decoding, support MQA-CD; ESS new generation high-end digital-to-analog chip ES9039Q2M;
  • Qualcomm latest Bluetooth chip supports LDAC 24bit/96kHz, APTX/HD, SBC, AAC;
  • 4x high-end dual op amp OPA1612 and a large number of audio grade components;
  • New third generation XMOS XU-316 with PCM support up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD support up to DSD512;
  • Audio clock processing circuit, greatly reducing the clock jitter;
  • Input ports (except Bluetooth) support DSD transmission, coaxial and optical supports DoP64;
  • Built-in specially designed low-noise switching power supply;
  • Built-in self-developed low-noise SMPS and multiple low-noise power supplies for analog circuits;
  • High-quality gold-plated input and output connection terminals;
  • Japan Audio Association (JAS) Hi-Res certification;
  • Equipped with full-function remote control.


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