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Audirect ATOM3 ESS9280AC PRO Chip Portable Decoder Amplifier

Audirect ATOM3 ESS9280AC PRO Chip Portable Decoder Amplifier

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Note: Atom3 Type C version, does not support iPad Air 5th


ESS9280 AC PRO chip

Atom 3 is upgraded to ESS9280 AC PRO decoder, supporting PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, with even better quality and speedy performance that easily overshadow the predecessor. With the upgraded design, Atom 3 now has a DNR of only 118dB and an incredible 0.0004% THD+N.

PCM+DSD/DoP+Apple Lossless

Atom 3 can automatically decode for PCM, DoP, and DSD while at the same time letting you listen to Apple Lossless with high quality. The indicator light will make it convenient for you to tell the format of the song you’re listening to with the default RGB setting.

High Compatibility

The new Atom3 comes in two versions that houses type C port and Lightning port respectively, thus compatible with all mainstream phones. The Type C version even supports the use of noise-control headphones, allowing you to enjoy your music undistracted.

5g Lightweight and Compact

The CNC unibody case of Atom 3 not only looks premium and sturdy but also helps radiate heat and improves its performance. Its compact design and the impossible 5g weight make it the ultimate portable decoder.


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