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SMSL H300 Headphone Amplifier Full Balanced 6.35mm 4.4mm XLR RCA out

SMSL H300 Headphone Amplifier Full Balanced 6.35mm 4.4mm XLR RCA out

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Elevate Your Audio Experience with the SMSL H300 Headphone Amplifier

Experience audio like never before with the SMSL H300 Headphone Amplifier. This exceptional device combines power, precision, and versatility to provide you with an immersive listening experience.

High Power Output

Unleash the full potential of your headphones with the SMSL H300. With an output power of up to 10W at 16 ohms and 5W at 32 ohms, this amplifier delivers an impressive audio performance that brings your music to life.

Low Noise Op Amps in Parallel

Enjoy crystal-clear audio reproduction with the SMSL H300's 32 low-noise op amps in parallel on each channel. With a total of 64 op amps dedicated to power amplification, this amplifier ensures optimal signal integrity and minimal distortion.

Switchable Gain Control

Customize your listening experience with the SMSL H300's switchable gain control. Choose from high, medium, and low gain settings to match your headphones' impedance and sensitivity. The low gain setting is specifically optimized for IEMs, delivering exceptional audio quality even at lower volumes.

Unbalanced and Balanced Interfaces

The SMSL H300 offers both unbalanced and balanced interfaces to suit your audio setup. The unbalanced interface provides a -17.5dB to 18.5dB gain range, while the balanced interface offers a -6dB to 24.5dB gain range. Choose the interface that best fits your headphones and enjoy a balanced and immersive audio experience.

Ultra-Compact Design

The SMSL H300 features an ultra-compact design, making it perfect for desktop headset systems. Its sleek and stylish appearance blends seamlessly with any setup, while the classic vintage toggle switch operation adds a touch of nostalgia.

Fully Balanced Design

Experience superior audio performance with the SMSL H300's fully balanced design. Its 4-way ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuit (PLFC) ensures pristine sound reproduction. With 64 low-noise op amps dedicated to power amplification, this amplifier delivers exceptional clarity and accuracy.

Built-in High-Efficiency and Low-Noise Power Supply System

The SMSL H300 is equipped with a customized high-efficiency and low-noise power supply system. This ensures a clean and stable power source, reducing background noise and delivering enhanced audio quality. With high-quality relays and a shock-free sound design, this amplifier provides reliable and seamless performance.

Comprehensive Protection

The SMSL H300 is built with comprehensive protection features to safeguard your audio setup. It includes protection against DC, overvoltage, and overload, ensuring the longevity and safety of your headphones and amplifier.

Upgrade your audio experience with the SMSL H300 Headphone Amplifier and indulge in a world of immersive sound and uncompromising performance. Rediscover your favorite music with exceptional clarity, power, and precision.


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