New PFFB Digital Amplifier: SABAJ A30a Power Amplifier 200W*2 Axign

New PFFB Digital Amplifier: SABAJ A30a Power Amplifier 200W*2 using the features a new Axign PFFB digital amplifier circuit utilizing some of the best available chips in the market. It is equipped with premium components such as a high-precision volume chip, stabilized power supply circuit, high-quality Japanese audio sockets, and many more for a rich sound experience. The Sabaj A30a is made to power your high-tech speakers and bring them to life.Sabaj A30a can received the Inputs from USB / Optical / Bluetooth /Coaxial / LINE IN directly.

Advanced digital PFFB Amplifier technology

In order to further solve the cause of the distortion of the class D power amplifier, the PFFB digital feedback technology is introduced.Sabaj A30a, After using the PFFB feedback to output the filter through the speaker terminals, it is then compared to the input signaL and corrected in reaL time. In this way, the desired output signal can be accurately reproduced to the speaker no matter what.

And Sabaj A30a using all aluminum alloy CNC processing technology, using anodizing technology, fine workmanship, first-class touch. Due to its CNC aluminum shell, temperature control is greatly improved to heat dissipation capacity. In addition, this housing has a nice appearance without compromising on performance or additions of cooling elements. A chassis temperature display is implemented so you can controlled the temperature and sound quality.

Powerful driving force, proper magnification and precise volume control make Sabaj A30a can match most of the desktop small bookshelf boxes on the market, and adjust to satisfactory timbre.