Review and Measurements of SMSL VMV D1 DAC

Review and Measurements of SMSL VMV D1 DAC

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OK, the new board arrived today and spent some time replacing the old one with it. The work was fairly involved with some 30+ screws and desoldering/soldering the power supply wires. But it is done.

If you all recall, the problem was with unbalanced output using 192 kHz where we had a set of distortion components that were there with or without signal:

That caused the SINAD to drop by some 20 dB.

The new board nicely remedies that:

Note that the above is with 90 kHz of bandwidth (to go with 192 kHz sampling). At 44.1 kHz, SIAND climbs to 114.5 average as reported in the original review.

I also ran the jitter test since unbalanced performance was not as good as balanced:

We see a nice improvement here with the spikes at 8 and 16 kHz gone as are the other smaller peaks. We also have a slight reduction in high frequency noise.

I ran some of the other tests but there is nothing material to report there.

So assuming this is typical of production boards, we have state-of-the-art performance here.

It took a while but I appreciate SMSL following through and providing the updated board. I know the owner of the VNV D1 will be happy to see this problem resolved.
Unfortunately the only saved results I have on that test for Benchmark is at 24 dbu, not 16 dbu that SMSL VMV D-1 outputs. Here is the comparison anyway:
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