S.M.S.L. VMV A1 Class A Power Amplifier Available HiFi-express

S.M.S.L. VMV A1 Class A Power Amplifier Available

VMV A1 Stereo Class A amplifier

  • Classical FET Class A amplifier circuit;
  • The all-aluminum CNC shell, while being beautiful, greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity;
  • The pre amp adopts parallel regulator power supply;
  • Using low distortion, high precision volume control chip PGA2311;
  • The headphone amplifier has 2 gears of gain control;
  • Custom low-noise toroidal transformer manufactured by Noratel, UK;
  • With internal temperature display, better control sound quality;
  • High quality audio socket imported from Japan;
  • A large number of audiophile components, including nichicon KG capacitors;
  • Perfect protection circuit to protect your speakers and headphones;
  • Color high-resolution display;

S.M.S.L Official recommend: D1se+A1+Tabebuia Speaker

S.M.S.L, a highly renowned HiFi audio equipment brand based in China has just released its latest power amplifier the VMV A1. It is launched in their “VMV” series that aims for premium high-tier products with superb sound and build qualities. The VMV D1 is a well-renowned DAC from this premium series by S.M.S.L. The VMV A1 features a classical FET Class A amplifier circuit providing a clean and stable sound amplification for our high-end systems. It has a price tag of 659.99$, you can check out more details on our store page here.



>Professional FET Class A Amplification Circuit.

>Chassis temperature display.

>High-precision volume control chip.

>Stabilised power supply.

>Imported porcupine power transformer.

>High-quality audio socket from Japan.

>Powerful driving force.

>Perfect match for your high-end speakers.

>CNC aluminum shell.

>Transparent & detailed sound.

>RCA input.

>Output: Speaker Terminal(Banana Head), Headphone output.

>THD+N: 0.002%(32 ohms).

>SNR: 110dB.

>Channel Separation: 105dB.

>Output Power: 2Wx2(32 ohms).

>Power consumption: 30W.

>Standby Power: <0.5W.

>Weight: 2kg.

Classical FET Class A Amplification:

There are many different classes of amplifiers that go by letters such as Class A, Class AB, and more. The Class A amplifiers use a single switching transistor for a complete signal cycle. It means that the Class A configuration has no crossover or switch-off distortion that might be there with other types. The VMV A1 utilizes a classical FET Class A amplifier circuit that provides an improved frequency response and loop stability feedback without ultra-low distortion in the output.


Excellence From Deep Within:

S.M.S.L has designed the audio motherboard of VMV A1 with premium chips for excellent performance. It is equipped with an imported porcupine power transformer, high-quality Japanese audio sockets, parallel stabilized power supply, high-precision volume chip, and more premium components for a premium sound output.

Adjust Volume Precisely:

S.M.S.L has equipped the powerful VMV A1 with PGA2311 high-precision ultra-low distortion volume control chip. It allows the A1 to achieve precise volume adjustment. This enables the user to use sensitive speakers and headphones with the device without any trouble.

Tremendous Driving Power:

The S.M.S.L VMV A1 holds so much power that it can easily be a hub of power for your speakers and headphones. It outputs 2Wx2 at 32 Ohms of load that is more than enough to power demanding speakers with ease. It provides proper magnification and precise volume adjustment that makes the VMV A1 power most of the desktop bookshelf speakers, earphones, and headphones with ease.

Premium Build With Colorful Display:

The SMSL VMV A1 chassis is made with high-precision CNC machining process using high-quality Aluminium material. Aluminum material not only provides a neat and clean look to the device but also greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity. It also features a colorful display that displays all the useful info like Volume level. The VMV A1 has unique Chassis temperature display functionality in the display.


Pricing & Availability:

The S.M.S.L VMV A1 has a price tag of 659.99$, it is available to purchase from our store. You can check out more details here.

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