The 11.11 and Black Friday

11/11 or Black Friday Promotion is coming.

The 11.11 promotion time of hifi-express : 11.11 00:00 ---- 11.12 23:59 (PET TIME)

The Black Friday promotion time : 11.22 00:00 ----- 11.28 23:59 (PET TIME)

The Cyber Monday Promotion time: 11.29 00:00 ---- 12.05 23:59 (PET TIME)

The Order of all products in November to Get 30-day Retroactive Price Matching. Shop worry-free on Hifi-express with our 30-day retroactive price match guarantee From November ! If you find a better deal within 30 days of your purchase, just reach out to our Support Team, and they’ll refund you the difference in November.  
Discount items that cannot be missed:
Delivery from multiple warehouses, German, British, Chinese, and American warehouses, information about express delivery.
Two-year warranty guarantee.
At the same time, we handle tariffs in many places, except India, so that customers do not have to worry about any additional costs.